10 Pieces of Home Automation Equipment You Need to Upgrade

Smart technology can make a home more secure, cost less to run and most of all; make it a pleasure to live in. But technology is advancing quickly, and it can be difficult to know what to upgrade. If you are considering a home automation system, then here are ten areas that you want to focus on.



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Lighting systems are one of the best areas to upgrade when you are installing an automation system. Being able to control your lights through an app, setting a timer or telling them to come on automatically when you get home are all very convenient options when it comes to your lighting, and it can save you quite a bit of money on your electricity bill because you can turn off lights that are not being used.

Security Systems

Your security system should definitely be part of your automation upgrades. Window sensors, security cameras and even smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should all be compatible with your automation system and connected to your primary network. This way you can check cameras online, know when batteries need changing and protect your home and family.

Door Locks

Automated door locks are another area that can be useful to upgrade. When you have automated door locks that are connected with your central automation system, you can access them with in-app, setting electronic keys and even opening the door for someone from miles away.


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Your thermostat is definitely an area of that you want to automate. Regulating the temperature with an ordinary thermostat already has some essential automated features built into it, but it is nothing like the control of your thermostat that you will have if you upgrade to an automated one that is compatible with your hub.

Internet Connection

Upgrading your internet connection makes sense if you are installing smart devices throughout your home. You want to make sure that you have the bandwidth for them to all be able to communicate with each other, and even room to grow as the technology within those systems grows.

Kitchen Appliances

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Getting new kitchen appliances that have smart technology built in can be one of the best things that you do for convenience in your home; refrigerators that alert you when you need to pick up groceries, ovens that you can start or stop via an app and other automated appliances are all available and packed with features. Plus, many of these systems update automatically, so when you buy a smart appliance, you are also purchasing future versions as well.

Your Bed

These days, even your bed can include smart technology. There are beds out there that will keep better track of your sleeping, automatically adjust you or your partner if snoring becomes an issue, heat a side of the bed, or even adjust the height of your top and bottom mattress for it to best fit the contours of your body.

Sprinkler System

Another area you can upgrade is your sprinkler system. Most people do not have automated sprinklers, or even if they do, they are usually controlled by a timer or different device. But when you include your irrigation system with your home automation, you have a lot more control. You will be able to remotely manage your network and integrate it with other smart technology schedules.


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Upgrading your outlets will help your home become more automated as well. The most significant advantage of updated outlets is that they turn any device into a smart device because you can control the electricity to it. Of course, this doesn't always work for everything, but it does make it a lot easier to manage your home. Also, outlets can be fitted with USB plugs which allow for communication and charging. Upgrading your outlets should definitely be an addition to your smart automation upgrade list.

Automation Hub & Voice Control

Finally, you'll need an automation hub to control everything, but you will also want voice activation to control your devices without having to log into an app or use your computer. The automation hub that you choose will depend upon the features that you want and whether or not the system is compatible with the smart devices you already have or are planning to get. The Amazon Echo is by far the most famous voice activation device, and it can be seamlessly connected with most smart devices.