5 Simple DIY Projects to Personalize Your New Home

Young Couple Standing Outside Dream Home

After waiting months—maybe even years—you finally have your own home! Congratulations. Enjoy the wonderful feelings of excitement and relief that accompany home-ownership. Now it's time to personalize your new house.

Install New House Numbers

Another way to update the exterior of your house is to install new house numbers. These can be purchased at hardware stores and are typically made of wood, plastic, or metal. You can even purchase fancy cursive words that spell out your house number. Place your house number where it will be clearly visible to mail deliverers and guests.

Paint Your Front Door

One great way to make a statement is to give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Don't be afraid to pick a bold or playful color that represents you and your family. Choose a lime green, ocean blue, or sunshine yellow, hang a wreath on the door, and place a potted plant by the steps. The refreshing, unexpected splash of color will catch people’s eyes!

Add Shelf Space

Shelves are a convenient and affordable way to add storage space to your home. Choose from traditional styles, or more artistic alternatives including modular cubes and leaning-ladder bookshelves. Shelves can also be used to create beautiful displays. Hang up an attractive shelf, and adorn it with a few of your favorite decorative pieces such as candles and vases.

Upgrade Old Faucets, Light Fixtures, and Doorknobs

Every detail in a home contributes to its overall style. Even practical items can be beautiful! If you find the faucets, light fixtures and doorknobs in your home to be mismatched or outdated, swap them out to get a more coordinated look. Oiled bronze fixtures offer a farmhouse chic style. Glossy platinum fixtures can feel very clean and modern.

Beautify Your Bathrooms

The bathroom is one space we go to when we want to feel refreshed. Redecorate your bathrooms to have a spa-like calming effect. Choose blues, greens, and neutrals for a soothing feel. Keep all items within your decided color scheme. Add bath salts and eucalyptus branches for natural aromatherapy. Organize all toiletries and medicines in baskets and tuck them neatly in the cabinet beneath the sink.

There are many ways for you to customize and organize your new space. You may find it helpful to sit down and make a plan before you begin. Think about what style and colors you love, and embrace them. The personalized touches you make will help your house feel like home!

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