5 Useful Gadgets to Add to Your Home Security System

A home is supposed to be a safe place. With the possibility of home invasions, fires, hurricanes and other emergencies, state-of-the-art automation is required. It doesn't matter where you are currently living. If you are going to take the time to add security to the house, then you need to do more than use a simple alarm on the front door. These are the five gadgets you must add to your home security system to truly stay safe.

Security Cameras

Exterior security cameras are a great way to protect the house. You will be able to see what is happening outside the house at all times. Just alert the police when you see suspicious activity. If someone does manage to get inside the house, then you can quickly catch the criminals with the security camera footage.

Automated Lights

Criminals love to prey on dark houses because that implies no one is awake inside. Automated lights let you make sure your house is never a prime target. You can easily set a schedule for when your lights come on every night. This is a perfect way to make it look like someone is home when you are working late or on vacation.

Window Alarms

Windows are a prime entry spot because they can be opened discreetly, but you can stop any intruder by attaching a small device directly to the window. This device will emit a loud noise if the window is opened. Just make sure to remove the alarm if you want some fresh air.

Door Sensors

Door sensors are extremely similar to window alarms. They are placed on the edge of the door, and they will let you know when the door is opened. The loud alarm will wake up everyone in the house while also causing the intruder to flee.

Flood Detectors

The goal of a home security system to keep the house safe, so you might as well protect it against all dangers. Flood detectors may not deter criminals, but they will save your home from a potential disaster. The sensors are placed in every room with water pipes. Once a small leak occurs, the device will sound an alarm.

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their house. In addition to being a sanctuary, your home is also a huge financial investment. Upgrading your security system with these gadgets is the only way to keep your family and home safe at all times. Sign up for a DIY Protection security system today and get a FREE video doorbell camera!

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