7 Nifty Additions For Your Guest Room

So you’ve got a guest room. You might think, I’ve got a roof, a window, a door and (we hope) some home security, what else may they need? Well, if you’re planning on inviting some important people over, or planning to put it on Airbnb, then the extra room must be well-thought out and well-executed. Guest rooms allow people their own private spaces right in your home. You want to do up yours right. With a few easy additions, turn your guest room into an inviting retreat. This way you can always have a ready-made space to welcome anyone you like whenever you like.

Built-In Storage

When people travel, they bring lots of things with them. Make it easy for your guests to keep their special items on hand at all times. If you have a closet, fill it with organizers from top to bottom. Provide your guests with a specific space in the closet where they can place their luggage when it is not in use. Consider creating a built-in storage bench along one side of the room for even more storage.


Keeping track of time is a must in today's modern world. People need to know what time it is the second they get up in the morning. Place at least one clock in the room and make sure it keeps accurate time. Sometimes your guests will need to charge their cell phones when they're away. Provide them with a cell phone charger in the room they can use when they're asleep. A special space specifically dedicated for delicate electronics in the room such as a specific drawer is also much appreciated.

A Down Comforter

Few things say cozier and warmer than a down comforter. These thick blankets are the ideal item to have on hand when the weather turns foul, and it starts to snow. Lay one at the end of any bed for easy access when guests head to bed. Down comforters also provide an extra layer of bedding during the summer. Keep them in good shape with periodic dry cleaning and a duvet cover that can be taken off and laundered.

An Extra Sofa

According to Modern Digs, a sleeper sofa is a piece of furniture that serves as a sofa by day in a living room, office, or just about any other space, and can be folded down flat at night to make a bed. If space is tight, sleeper sofas are the perfect way to combine seating and a place to sleep in the same room. These lovely sofas can be used during for relaxing conversation during the day then pulled out at night. Show your guests how to use the couch when they arrive. Make sure that all parts of the sleeper sofa are correctly assembled and pulled out successfully before your guests go to bed. It's a good idea to add extras to the sleeper sofa such as a mattress pad and additional pillows and comforters. This will offer additional sleeper support and help the couch stay in good condition for as long as you use it.

A Full-Length Mirror

Let your guests get themselves ready for any gathering in the area such as a formal dinner or just a barbecue with friends. A full-length mirror allows your guests to see how they look from head to toe before they leave the room. Mirrors also help make even a relatively small bedroom seem more significant. Place against one wall in the room and make sure your guests are aware the mirror is there.

Good Lighting

Lighting is essential in any room. Many types of lighting can be used in any guest room. Place a desk lamp on top of the bedside table, so your guests have lighting all night long. A small night light can also help guests find their way around an unfamiliar space more efficiently. Overhead lighting shows off all corners of the room from every angle and makes it easy to get dressed in the morning. Get luxurious and put in a skylight. Skylights flood any room with much needed natural light, making the room feel like a haven in the sky.

A Reading Nook

When guests aren't interacting with family and friends, give them the space to curl up with a great book. Put one or more freestanding bookshelves in the room next to a large chair and some extra pillows. Stock the shelves with all sorts of reading material. Books about the area with specifics such as information about local trails and annual events are highly welcomed. If you entertain lots of younger people, put in some children's books. This gives parents a much-welcomed opportunity to read stories to their children before putting them to bed.


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