App Happy, App Safety


The smartphone revolution has fundamentally changed how most people in Canada access information.  Smartphones, such as iPhones and Android devices, are now portable supercomputers that give access to a wealth of information that would have been thought of as science fiction 20 years ago. As smartphones continue to evolve, products that interact with the devices must as well.  DIY Protection is aware of that, which is why 100% of our systems come with an amazing smartphone app, allowing you more control of your security.

Did you forget to arm your alarm system when you left your home?  Not to worry, you can arm your system from your app.  Don't want to arm your system from the app?  Our system is so powerful that if you go a specific distance from your home (as little as 1 km) the system can arm itself.  Want to see if your door was ever opened today?  Our app will even show you that!

When you call DIY Protection, one of our security experts will help you customize your system to suit all of your needs. Call 844 898 8349 today!