Back to School Safety!


No matter where you go, commercials, billboards and online advertising serves as a reminder that it's back to school time. It's time to go back to school shopping, getting your child new outfits, new books, and pencils. The kids are starting to get restless, and are getting eager to head back. It's an interesting time of the year. As your kids get ready to return to school, it's the perfect time to start thinking about home security. What does one have to do with the other? Long Weekends The prep for the start of the school year brings the last two long weekends of the summer. As people start to go away for the long weekend, there is always an increase in home break ins. That is because many people leave their homes empty for family barbeques, fireworks celebrations and other festivities. What you should do Make it look like you're home! You need to ensure that when you're away on the long weekend, you have a car in your driveway. If that is not possible, you need to ensure that you have lights on in your home. How we can help A DIY Protection home alarm system can offer you full home automation capabilities! That means that you can have a light on a timer. The system is so advanced, that you'll even get an app which allows you to turn a light on and off from your smartphone from anywhere in the world!

Daytime Break Ins All home break ins occur overnight, right? Actually, most people are surprised that statistically speaking, the majority of break ins actually happen during the day. A break in may seem less likely during the day because it's easier to see someone approach your home, but think about it. If a person dressed as a delivery person approached your neighbours home, would you think twice about it? If they had a daytime visit from someone who may look like a well dressed friend or relative, would you care? Break ins happen during the day all of the time, and they are often done by people you would not expect. If you and your children are away during the school day, even if it is only for 20 minutes while you drop your children off, you leave your home vulnerable. What you should do Always keep all of your doors locked! Most of the time, daytime break ins start at the front door. The thief will usually knock on the door first to see if somebody is home. They will then break into either the front door, or go to a side or back door that is unlocked if nobody is there. How we can help If you are away from your home, your alarm system can always keep you connected. Ensure all of your doors are locked through your DIY Protection mobile app and automated door locks. You want to ensure that you have full control of every door to keep your home safe. It's also a great idea to have a camera to protect your front door. That is why DIY Protection offers a Skybell video doorbell. If you have a Skybell video doorbell, your door will have a built in motion sensor that detects when somebody approaches your front door. This will then send a notification to your phone, which will allow you to see and speak with whoever is at your front door. You can seem like you are at home even if you are busy dropping the kids off at school! Bad guys will not want to break in, because not only will you be able to see them, but you'll also have full recordings of your interactions with them!

With back to school season in full swing, now is the best time to really work on making your home more secure. Call us today at 844 898 8349 and one of our security experts will help you find the perfect solution for keeping your home and your family safe!