Be proactive this spring


Whether you have just purchased a new home or have lived there for twenty years, it's important to take proactive steps to keep your home, your possessions and your family safe.  That is why when doing your spring cleaning this year, you need to also do a spring safety check. Fire Safety- Does your family have an escape plan from your home in case of a fire?  You need to plan out a quick exit that every family member can memorize and recreate in case of a fire.  You also need a backup escape route.  Just as important, you need a monitored smoke detector, so that everyone in the home wakes up and the fire department is alerted so they can dispatch immediately.  Nobody wants to think of the horrors of a house fire, but in an emergency, having a planned route with your family and a monitored smoke detector can be the difference between life and death.

Break in prevention- Does your family have a home alarm system to prevent a break in?  Whether you are home or away from home, you are significantly less likely to be broken into with a monitored home alarm system.  This can be a lifeline between you and your local authorities, and can save your life in the case of a home invasion.

Carbon Monoxide Safety - If your home does not have a monitored carbon monoxide detector, stop whatever you are doing today and make that your absolute first priority.  Experts advise to have at least one CO detector per level of your home to wake you and your family up and to get them out of the home.  Adding a monitored detector means that if your family can't get out of the home, authorities can be dispatched to save your life.

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