Can Children Use DIY Home Alarm Systems?


Many people consider getting a home alarm system to protect their property, but the most important reason people often state they want a DIY Protection home alarm system is to protect their family.  Often families with children and teens want the protection, but are concerned that a DIY security system would be too difficult to operate.  The great news is that DIY Protection offers sophisticated technology that is also incredibly user friendly. If you have a child that comes home after school without an adult, they can disarm a DIY Protection alarm system from their smart phone as they are entering the home or from the sleek touchscreen keypad by the door.  If your child can press buttons, they can operate this system.  Once inside the home, the child can even arm the system on home mode from the keypad, a smartphone or even a tablet to keep them safe inside.

As a parent, you can also take comfort in knowing that your child has arrived home safely, because you can set notifications to send you a text or email when your front door is opened or when your child disarms the system.  If you want to see your child arrive, we even offer video doorbells that can automatically send you a picture of your child approaches your front door, or indoor cameras that let you see them walk inside.  And all of it is incredibly easy to operate!

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