DIY Doorbell Camera systems and installation


People looking for DIY home security systems are often looking for DIY security cameras as well.  Cameras will let you have a live look at what is happening on your property and can give you more peace of mind.  Even though many people want security cameras, most people don't really know what questions to ask about what camera will work for them, and may not even know all of the options available.  That is why DIY Protection is here to help! We have discussed previously the ability to have an outdoor camera, and indoor camera and even a camera that is built directly into the amazing touchscreen keypad.  Those cameras are great for most customers, and in fact most systems that we sell include at least one video product to help keep your home safe with video evidence. But there has been an evolution (some would even say revolution) in home security camera products!

The most popular type of new camera is a video doorbell camera.  Even though thousands of customers order these cameras, most people aren't sure what they do exactly, so here is the breakdown:  If somebody approaches your front door, a doorbell camera will be able to capture the image and send a notification to your smartphone.  From here you can have a full conversation with whoever is standing at your door.  It's science fiction level technology available today!  DIY Protection only uses high quality Skybell for DIY security camera installations, and the install is so simple it can be done by somebody with no electrical experience!

So what exactly do you need to get a doorbell camera?  The good news is that you only require an electric doorbell at the front door of your home to do the install.  We provide all of the physical equipment you will require! We include the mounting plate, the screws, the drill bit (in case you need to do any drilling, which is not a requirement for most customers) and even the screwdriver! The Skybell camera itself connects to your home’s wifi with the touch of the button, and there is absolutely no programming required.  In fact, as with all equipment you receive from DIY Protection, you require absolutely no programming skills, as we pre-program everything for you!

If you order by May 31, we’ll even take $100 off the price of the doorbell camera.  It’s your chance to get exclusive savings while keeping your home safe!

DIY Protection has a wide variety of camera packages available for your home, but don’t feel left out if you don’t want a camera product.  We offer a wide variety of packages that are specifically catered to your needs.  You can order any of our systems without a camera, while still enjoying the amazing features such as our state of the art app and even home automation!

Call DIY Protection today at (844) 898-8349 and one of our security experts can help you decide if a Skybell or a different camera type is right for you!