DIY Home Alarm Systems Across Canada!


There is a common misconception about DIY Home Security Systems that they are only viable for remote areas, or areas with small populations where technicians cannot easily reach. While a DIY Protection home alarm system is the perfect solution for somebody looking for a security system in remote areas across Canada, DIY home security is perfect for homeowners everywhere! What makes a DIY Protection security system perfect for homeowners from coast to coast? Torontonians have busy lives

As the largest city in Canada, Toronto is home to almost 3 million people, and when you include the entire Greater Toronto area, it makes up over one quarter of Canada's entire population. Toronto is also home to some of the largest companies and banks in the entire world (full disclosure, it's also the home to DIY Protection, a proudly Canadian company).

Toronto is also a city of a lot of traffic and long commutes. According to statistics, people living in the GTA are far more likely to take at least 45 minutes to get to work (and an additional 45 to get home). Between work and commutes, it's surprising that the people of Toronto get any free time. That is why a DIY Protection home security system makes perfect sense.

First, a DIY Protection system is express shipped directly to your home, which means that you will have your alarm system as early as the next business day, giving you an incredibly quick turnaround time. You will also have the ability to set an appointment that works for busy schedule for the install. With the typical alarm installation, an installer has a four hour time window to arrive at your home, and they will take 2-4 hours to install your security system. This means that you will need to take a day off work and wait all day for a technician. And if the technician gets stuck in epic Toronto traffic, or even worse, calls in sick? You have to take a second day off work to get your home alarm system install done. This is not possible for a lot of Torontonians. That is why a DIY home security solution is perfect. You do it on your own time, with one of our skilled technicians helping you out over the phone the whole time. And the average installation takes under 30 minutes!

Vancouver Residents Love Technology

Vancouver is a hotbed of technology in Canada. Tech start ups have a big foothold in Vancouver, and the populace around the city is very technologically savvy. That is why a DIY Protection home automation solution is perfect for somebody looking for both a home security system and amazing smart home products. A DIY Protection home alarm system will keep your home safe with its great security features in your home, but the amazing home automation is perfect for anybody looking for the latest tech. Want a smart thermostat? DIY Protection will give you a warm response. Want an automated door lock? DIY Protection has the key. Want to see who is at the front door of your home from your smartphone? DIY Protection has home surveillance that you can check out from anywhere in the world!

All DIY Protection home security systems are so advanced, in fact, that they all come with our amazing app, which will allow you to arm or disarm your alarm system from almost anywhere in the world. Imagine having all of our devices connected to your smart phone via the DIY Protection app. You can raise the temperature of your home on your commute home (a shorter average commute than your Toronto friends have), unlock the front door on your jog home from the sky train, and check to see if you have any deliveries from at your front door from your DIY video surveillance camera. (If you want to get really techy, you can even use a DIY video doorbell camera).

Whether you live in a small town or a large city, a DIY Protection home security system will be able to provide you whatever you need. Whether it's to meet your busy schedule or to suit your technology needs, DIY Protection has you covered. DIY Burglar alarm systems are the best solution no matter where you live in Canada.

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