Best DIY Home Alarm Systems in Calgary Area


The beautiful city of Calgary is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Canada, and was once described by a sitting Prime Minister as, "the greatest city in the greatest country in the world." It is the home of the Calgary Tower, the Calgary Flames and the world famous Calgary Stampede. It is also an Olympic host city (something it shares with Vancouver and Montreal, and something Toronto cannot claim). Calgary is also the home of a hot real estate market and some of the nicest properties in the country. With affluence comes risk, however, and having a home security system in Calgary is a must. Calgary used to be known as a city with a high crime rate when compared with other cities across the country. This crime rate has been in steady decline over the past five years, which is great news. The fact is that no matter how much of an improvement the crime rate has seen, not having a home security system will put your home at an increased risk of a break in. In fact, having a home alarm system will make it significantly less likely that your home will be broken into. There are several options for home security systems in Calgary, but thousands of customers are now taking their security measures into their own hands by installing DIY home alarm systems in Calgary. Luckily, DIY Protection provides absolutely state of the art equipment and the absolute best in DIY home security monitoring in Calgary and the rest of the world. There are many great reasons to choose a DIY home alarm system, even in a large beautiful city like Calgary. Never Take a Day Off Work

With most home security systems, you have to take a day off work to have the alarm installed. The fact is with the amazing advancements in technology, having an installer come to your home to put up all of your home alarm equipment is no longer mandatory. When you order your new DIY Protection home alarm system, you will get a full featured, amazingly advanced alarm system that is so simple to use that you can put it up yourself. You are never alone with your DIY home security system with DIY Protection, however. We have a professional installer program each piece of equipment and ship it right to your door. Since you do this at your own convenience, you can do this after work or on a weekend and never have to worry about taking a day off to get this taken care of! Our average customer installs their alarm system in under 30 minutes with the help of their installer, and then are all set!

Advanced Technology

100% of our DIY Protection home security systems come with an easy to use app which allows you to arm and disarm your home alarm system from anywhere in the world. It also allows DIY Protection to ensure your system is fully functional and is keeping your home and family safe. If you ever want to know the status of your DIY security system, all you have to do is check the app on your smartphone, such as an iPhone or an Android. And you can do this almost anywhere in the world you have a signal or internet access! In fact, if you prefer to check your home alarm system from a laptop or tablet, you can do that as well!

DIY Home Automation

Every DIY Protection home security system also gives you the option of adding DIY home automation devices, turning your home into a smart home! This means that you are able to control things such as door locks, lights, and even the temperature of your home right from your smartphone! And we make it so easy that almost anybody can install a DIY Home Automation system. In some cases, it can literally be as simple as changing a light bulb (yes, we do offer smart light bulbs to help you keep your energy costs down). The best part is that with every DIY home automation system, you can save money because we will include a free light module with any DIY Protection automation package!

Getting a full home alarm system in Calgary has never been easier. And now you can get a DIY home security system in Calgary with 6 months free monitoring! Don't live in Calgary? Don't worry, the deal applies everywhere in Canada. Call us today at 844 898 8349 and one of our security experts can answer all of your questions!