DIY Home Alarms for remote customers!


It's indisputable that keeping your home safe is a priority for home owners.  Now over 20% of homeowners in Canada have a home alarm system, and people need to keep their homes protected.  But what if you live outside of a major city?  The sad truth is that most home alarm companies will not protect you if you live outside of their limited service area.  DIY Protection is committed to providing the best DIY security system and we are committed to protecting families across Canada. When you order a DIY Home Alarm System from DIY Protection, we will carefully package your alarm system and send it by priority courier.  Other alarm companies charge $50 to expedite your order on top of the regular shipping charges, but DIY Protection does this at no additional charge!  DIY Protection will ship to virtually anywhere in Canada at no additional charge, and we can have your system to you as soon as the next business day.  All of our systems also come with the ability to remotely arm and disarm from anywhere, so even if this is for a remote vacation home, you can always stay protected.  There's no longer a reason to feel geographically locked out of home security.  Now you can actually lock out the bad guys and keep your home safe!