How do you install a DIY home alarm system?


  At DIY Protection, we strive to provide our customers with the absolute best in DIY home security systems and DIY home automation Edmonton . We've helped countless customers find the right solution for their homes and given them the freedom to choose the exact systems that will meet their needs without having to deal with the issues of having an installer in their home.  There is one question that our security experts get more often than anyone else, however: Can I really install my own home alarm system?  The answer is a resounding YES! At DIY Protection we will make the installation process and simple as possible for you, ensuring that you are empowered to find the right solution and have the ability to complete the setup.  Here is how the process works:

We Listen You will contact DIY Protection at 844 898 8349 and talk to one of our security experts.  They will complete an assessment with you over the phone to discuss your areas of concern and find the perfect solutions for your home and family.  If everything sounds great, we complete your order and get the system out to you right away.

We Build Your System Our in-house security experts will complete your entire order for you.  This means that any programming, setup and testing is done behind the scenes before you ever get the system in your hands.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you have a team of world class security experts completing any of the hard parts for you, thus taking away the most intimidating part of the installation.  Once everything is programmed, all you have to do is put the system up!

We Ship It Some places try to take advantage of customers by charging them huge fees to expedite products they order.  In fact, some places will make you wait 4-6 weeks for delivery!  If you have had a recent event that made you require an alarm system, would you really want to wait 6 weeks before you could protect your home?  At DIY Protection, we realize how important our role is in keeping you safe, which is why we will always send your DIY Protection home alarm system by priority courier.  In many places in Canada, that means we will actually ship it right to your front door overnight!  And all of this is done at no additional charge!

We Activate It We know that some people are still intimidated by setting up their own alarm system even when we've done all of the hard parts. That is why we will have a professional security expert talk you through every step of the installation and testing of the system over the phone.  The average installation time over the phone is less than thirty minutes, which is faster than you can have a pizza delivered!  Most people will complete the install with only very basic tools, such as a screwdriver.  It's so easy you'll wonder why anybody would ever pay an installer to come to their home again!

Give us a call at 844 898 8349 today and we'll help you every step of the way!