DIY Security Cameras in Toronto


There has been a lot of news coverage lately where security cameras have helped keep homeowners around the GTA safe. A person in Stouffville caught somebody taking a package directly off of their front porch through their video surveillance camera. This helped catch an alleged thief and got the package returned where it belongs:

There was also an incident in Vaughan where a homeowner was home alone, and they caught somebody suspicious at their door. The truly scary part was that as somebody stood at the door, two more people went to take a closer look at the home. Having a security camera at the front of her home helped keep the homeowner safe:

What does all of this have to do with your home's security?

First, your home absolutely needs a home security system. Having a home alarm system is your link to police and other emergency services. If there is somebody attempting a break in or home invasion, all home alarm systems will have a panic button to keep you safe. Home security systems are meant to be there for you in your time of need, and if you have a home in Toronto or anywhere else in the GTA, you definitely need home security.

The second reason this is important is that it proves that home alarm system cameras work! Having a home security system with various types of video surveillance helps to catch bad people looking to steal your property or do you harm. There are different types of DIY home security cameras offered by DIY Protection in the GTA, and we have the latest technology to keep you safe. Here is a breakdown.

Indoor Cameras Having an indoor camera is a great way to keep the inside of your home safe from intruders. These cameras all come equipped with 24/7 streaming capabilities. This means you can log in from your smart phone, such as an Apple or Android, or tablet and see what is happening in your home in real time. These DIY home security cameras also allow you to record events, which means that in case of an emergency, you will have footage that you can provide to the police.

Outdoor Cameras A lot of homes are now being equipped with outdoor cameras. Our DIY home security cameras also come with 24/7 streaming, which means that you can log in to see exactly what is happening outside of your home in real time. These DIY surveillance cameras also allow you to record events, such as the incidents recorded above. These cameras are ideal for checking what is happening outside of your home, but in order to install, you need a bit of technical ability. That is, you need to be able to plug in one wire, and use a drill. If you can do that, you can install your own DIY home security camera within minutes.

Doorbell Cameras The newest technology listed here, DIY home security doorbell cameras have become one of the most popular security items over the past year. Having a doorbell camera means that you are able to see and speak with whoever is at your front door from anywhere in the world, all through your smart phone. If somebody approaches your home, you will receive a notification from your DIY Protection home security system that an event has taken place. Once that event happens, you can fully interact with the camera, including seeing who is there and talking to them. That is not the only feature, however, as these doorbell camera systems are incredibly handy! If somebody actually rings your doorbell, you can receive a "call" to your phone (more of a video chat request sent from the camera to your phone, which allows you to see who is there without them seeing you). Since a lot of burglars check the front door prior to breaking in, this will give you unprecedented control over your front door, and allows you to appear as though you are home even if you are not. DIY Protection only uses the highest quality doorbell cameras, and we are proud to offer Skybell cameras, which can be installed in minutes and don't require an extra door chime in order to hear the doorbell in your home. The world of DIY home security and surveillance cameras is being changed through the incredibly advanced Skybell technology.

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