DIY Security System


People are often confused by the concept of a DIY security system, which is based on how alarm systems have traditionally been set up.  To clear up some misconceptions, here is important information that you need to consider. Why do people prefer DIY home security systems?

The biggest factor in people preferring DIY alarm systems is that people want to play an active part in making their home safe.  This does not mean you are alone in the process, however.  When you call to order a DIY security system from DIY Protection, one of our security experts will talk you through how to best protect your home.  Most assessments can be completed in 15 minutes.  This means you can become an expert in your own home and get only what you need, without the pressure to buy what you don't.

What if I am not handy?  Are DIY home security systems for me?

When you call DIY Protection, we are here to support you every step of the way.  This includes doing an assessment, getting your system sent to you priority courier (with most customers receiving their equipment within 2 business days) and ensuring that the installation is as easy as possible.  That means that every DIY Protection system that is shipped comes fully programmed and ready to put in your home.  If you are handy enough to hang a picture on the wall, you can have your alarm system installed in 30 minutes or less.  Our professional installer will talk you through every step of the process over the phone, and absolutely no programming or electrical work will have to be done!  It's so easy, in fact, that most customers have their alarm systems up and quicker by themselves than if a technician went to their home.

I want advanced features.  Do you offer DIY Home Automation?

Absolutely every system that DIY Protection ships comes with a state of the art app, which will allow you to arm and disarm your system remotely from almost anywhere in the world.  It also allows you to see all of your zones, check a history of events and even arm your system if you forget to.  If you want even more features, the app can offer the ability to check cameras live, change the temperature in your home and even unlock your door from your smartphone!

Call 844 898-8349 today and one of our security experts can help you get started.  And for a limited time, you will also get 6 months free monitoring!