Environmental Home Alarm System Sensors in Vancouver and Whistler


The wonderful Olympic cities of Vancouver and Whistler have some of the best scenery and amazing homes in North America. Visitors to Vancouver and Whistler marvel at the beauty all around them, and also comment on the wildly varying weather. While the residents in these areas get to deal with more temperate weather than most of the country, there are very unique weather challenges they have to live with. With unpredictable weather and some of the highest property values in the country, it's vitally important to protect your home from the elements, and a home security system from DIY Protection is your perfect solution!Having a DIY Protection home alarm system is incredibly important for intrusion protection, which means that we can help keep bad guys out of your home and keep you and your valuables safe. But having a DIY Protection home security system means that you can protect against mother nature and the unpredictable Vancouver and Whistler weather as well! With a DIY home alarm system from DIY Protection, you have the option of adding environmental sensors to keep your home safe. The environmental sensors can take several forms: Water sensors With a water sensor, you can protect your home from a potential flood. A water sensor will generally go on the lowest floor in the home and can be hung just off the ground. If the sensor gets wet, it sends a signal to the panel and the app. This will alert us of an urgent condition, and you will also get a notification on your phone. Detecting a flood early means that you will be able to act immediately to get everything resolved, which could save you literally thousands of dollars in damage!  A water sensor is a must for rainy areas, and Vancouver and Whistler definitely get enough rain to make this a great addition to your DIY Protection home alarm system! Smoke Detectors There is one absolute must to ensure the safety and security of your home, and that is a smoke detector. Some places even require multiple smoke detectors in the home by law. While not every area requires a monitored smoke detector, having one can be the difference between life and death. If you have a fire in your home, a smoke detector from DIY Protection can contact your local fire department to get to your home and keep it safe. If you are trapped in the home and can't get to a phone, a DIY Protection security system will contact the fire department for you to keep your safe. And if you have pets, a DIY Protection smoke detector can save them if they are home alone. If you are not there to open the door, the fire department can come and rescue your furry friend! Carbon Monoxide Detector Having a monitored carbon monoxide detector is a must for any family. Carbon monoxide is a odorless gas which can put its victims into a deep sleep. A carbon monoxide detector will emit a very loud sound, designed to wake everyone in the house up. The greatest feature of carbon monoxide detectors, though, is that they will allow the central monitoring station to start dispatch procedures to your home. We can send out emergency response dispatch if you are stuck in your home and cannot wake up. This can save multiple lives! Insurance Discounts If you have a monitored alarm system, your insurance company will generally give you a generous home insurance discount. If you add environmental sensors to the system, it should actually increase your insurance discount, saving you more money!

Everyone in Vancouver and Whistler can benefit from a home alarm system from DIY Protection. Call one of our security experts today at 844 898 8DIY!