How Easy is A DIY Security System?


Do it yourself projects have become increasingly popular amongst all generations. In fact, first time homebuyers have led to the term "Generation DIY" being used to describe the do it yourself work ethic being shown. Why is DIY increasing in popularity? The simple answer is that people love to have the control over what is being done to their home, and love the pride of ownership it shows when you're able to take a project on from scratch and see it all the way through. The scope of DIY projects is also increasing exponentially. Before, a DIY project might involve just a coat of paint to brighten up a room. Now, with the prevalence of YouTube and other DIY resources, projects can be as complex as installing a hardwood floor or putting up drywall in a new room. But one DIY project that seems to intimidate most people involves putting up electronics. Most people are intimated by even setting up a surround sound system, so how could someone be expected to put up a home security system? The answer is simple: Advanced technology and DIY Protection support make it easy for you! Advances in home security technology has been nothing short of amazing. From being able to set up pet friendly motion sensors to being able to remotely arm a system from a smartphone from anywhere in the world, new technology makes alarm systems more advanced than thought possible even ten years ago. The advancement in technology aren't just what the systems can do, however, but also how the systems get installed. Since sensors are smarter and easier to install than ever, they can be remotely programmed. This means that your DIY Protection alarm system is fully programmed with every bit of information needed before they arrive at your door. It also means that our professional technical support experts can also check on the status of your equipment remotely. This means that you can have a team of technicians talk you through every step of the installation process. The installation is so easy that most of our customers are fully installed and ready to go in under 30 minutes! No matter what type of system or equipment you need, we will empower you to do it! Want a camera? No problem, you can do it! Want home automation? No problem, you can do it! And we are there to help!

Why then are people still hesitant about installing their own alarm equipment? The answer is simple: change takes time. If you have ever had an alarm system previously, you are familiar with the rigmarole of getting that system set up. You have a high pressure salesperson go to your home, they set up an appointment for a technician to do the installation and you hope for the best. You need to take a day off work, wait in a really long time window (as long as 9am to 5pm for some companies) and if they show up, they will set up your system. This also means that you have to invite a total stranger into your home to take care of your security needs.

DIY Protection sends the alarm system right to your front door. You set an appointment on your terms, for a day and time that works for you. And there is no stranger coming into your home. You will be amazed how easy the installation process is, and how quickly you have your home and your family protected.

Call DIY Protection and speak to a security expert today. We'll talk you through every step of the process, and help you take the pride of ownership you can only get when you take care of something yourself! Call (844) 898-8349 today!