How to Set Up a DIY Home Security System!


How handy do you have to be in order to install a DIY home security system? It is by far the most frequently asked question that we receive, which is understandable. Alarm installations have seemed daunting and difficult for a long time because home security equipment has traditionally been too difficult for someone to install without training. Thankfully, technology has advanced in every aspect of life. Think of the evolution of the home computer. Many people were once intimidated by computers due to difficult to understand and remember prompts, unfriendly interfaces and a lack of software that made daily use something most people look forward to. Now technology and easy interfaces have made computers so easy to use their are ubiquitous. If you are reading this, you're likely on a laptop, a tablet or, most likely, a smartphone. People now carry computers in their pockets daily without a second thought! And people can seamlessly navigate the software without having to have an advanced computer degree.

Home alarm system technology has advanced so much that you can now get a fully wireless system, that you, yes you, can install yourself, in about 30 minutes! Here are the important things to know:


Can you hang a picture on a wall? If so, you're already qualified to fully install a keypad. But some people may find even using a hammer daunting, which is why we have simplified every aspect of keypad installation! When you order your home alarm system from DIY Protection, we will include a stand, which allows you to plug your keypad into the wall and sit like a standard tablet would. Since we program all of the equipment, including the keypad, before we ship your home security system, you will be able to simply plug it in and it will start working right away. And if you are looking for the latest in technology and aesthetics, we also offer a beautiful 7 inch touch screen keypad. This will give you the peace of mind that the latest technology provides and unbelievably beautiful décor!

Can Children Use DIY Home Alarm Systems

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors do all of the hard work for you, ensuring that your alarm system is able to track anybody who tries to enter your house, setting off a blaring alarm and starting the dispatch procedure. The setup of the motion sensor is incredibly easy. Since each motion is programmed for you, you'll be able to put each one up in less than 30 seconds! And there is absolutely no drilling required if you don't want to drill! The main concern over motion sensors is if you have pets. Not to worry though, because we have a solution for every pet owner! One of our security experts can go through all of the details with you.

Door Sensors

Adding a door contact to your diy home alarm system is easy, and DIY Protection makes it as easy as possible for you. All of your equipment is shipped to you fully labeled, which means that you will know exactly which door goes where in your home. Have a front door, back door and side door? Not a problem! Our alarm technicians will program all of your equipment and label it so you know exactly where to put it. The door contacts are also incredibly effective for awkwardly shaped doors, and can be put in place in 30 seconds or less each!

Easy Smartphone App

Absolutely every DIY Protection home security system comes with an easy to use app to arm and disarm your security system securely from almost anywhere in the world. If you are able to install an app from the app store on an Apple or Android device, you will be able to use the app. This app is also perfect for notifications, as you can receive text or email notifications for system events, such as arming and disarming, any time you want!

Full Support

Perhaps the most important part of your DIY Protection home alarm system setup is that we provide complete support for absolutely every aspect of the installation process. A technician will talk you through every step of the install, and most people can complete the installation in under 30 minutes over the phone! No matter who you are, or how advanced your computer skills, our technician will talk you through every aspect of the installation until your system is up and running and protecting your home and family!

One of our security experts will be happy to talk you through every aspect of setup and help you get started.

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