Insurance Discounts through DIY Protection Home Security in the GTA


"The first cheque you write is for the mortgage, but the second is for the insurance."-The Blind Side

A house will likely be the most expensive purchase and biggest investment you make in your life.  Because a house is such a large and meaningful investment, it also requires a lot of protection.  The protection can come in a lot of forms, but the first piece of protection that everyone with a home absolutely needs is homeowners' insurance.  What exactly is homeowners' insurance and why do you need it?

Homeowners insurance is an agreement between a homeowner and an insurance company to cover a property against damages to the house or its contents.  That could mean protection against damages caused by a fire, damages caused by a flood or even theft of personal property or possessions.  That means that if almost any type of emergency takes place, your house, and your investment, will be covered.  That makes homeowners' insurance absolutely essential. In fact, most mortgage companies and banks require homeowners' insurance to be kept for the entire term you are financing your home in order to even get a mortgage!  Now that you know what homeowners' insurance is and why it's so important, most people will want to know ways they can get the best coverage for the best value.  That's where DIY Protection comes in!

DIY Protection, much like homeowners' insurance, specializes in protecting your home investment.  If you have a home, you need a home security system.  But did you know that having a home alarm system also has great added benefits that will also allow you to save money on your homeowners' insurance? The reason why is simple: Home alarm systems work!  Because home alarm systems protect your home from burglars, your insurance company will offer you a discount.  The deterrent value of a home alarm system alone will make it about three times less likely that your home will be broken into in the first place! That means that insurance companies will have to pay out claims less often, and they will pass the savings on to their consumers!  Getting a DIY Protection home security system will save you up to 20% off of your homeowners' insurance!

Here are some other helpful tips to save you more money with a larger insurance discount:

Security Cameras Some home insurance companies will give you a discount on your homeowners' insurance if you have security cameras.  Cameras are a great deterrent, they offer added peace of mind and they can help catch bad guys in the act. This makes them an excellent edition to any DIY security system, and DIY Protection has great options for your to choose from to get the cameras that will suit your needs!

Flood Sensors Floods happen, and they can ruin your basement and all of your subterranean possessions.  In the worst circumstances, they can also do major damage to the higher levels of your home.  DIY Protection offers a great home alarm solution that will detect a water problem long before it turns into full fledged flooding.  And it can help increase your homeowners' insurance discount as well!

Smoke/Heat Sensors Smoke detectors are a must for every home.  In fact, if you live in Toronto, Ottawa, Barrie, or almost anywhere in Ontario, you absolutely require smoke detectors in your home by law.  Since every GTA dweller needs a smoke detector, everybody needs to consider a monitored smoke detector.  DIY Protection offers advanced home security and advanced home sensors all in a great DIY package!  Getting a monitored smoke detector means that a trained dispatcher from our central station can send the fire department to your home, even if you're not there.  The sensor is so advanced it can even detect very high heat.  That means the odds of saving your home and your family members during a fire dramatically increases.  Insurance companies love this feature so much that they will actually give you a big insurance discount for having a smoke detector added to your DIY Protection home security system.  The best part?  We're giving away a FREE monitored smoke detector for absolutely every new system.  But hurry, because this is a limited time offer.  And it's an offer that will save you money and can save your life!

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