Get answers to some of the most common questions about DIY Security Systems

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How are DIY home security systems different from professionally installed systems?

They’re not really that different. Since the advancement in wireless technology, gone are those days when installation took nearly two hours, wires ran across the home, and everything had to connect to a landline.

These days, installing a home security system, even for an installer is easier than ever. In fact, they’re installing the exact same pre-programmed system that you would install if you bought a home security system through DIY Protection.

How hard is it to install a DIY home security system? Do I need to be “handy”?

Two words - VERY EASY. All the equipment comes with two sided stickies and an installer guides you over the phone on where to place each equipment. Then, all you have to do is stick the equipment on your walls. That is it. The rest is just configuring the app and the keypad, which is similar to using a smartphone! We also have a video that illustrates step-by-step how you can install our systems without any help! Check it out -

Why would anyone need a DIY security system in Canada?


Canada is HUGE. 9.985 million km² to be exact and Canadians don’t just live in major cities, they are dispersed all over Canada. This makes it hard for professional installers to cover all areas, it’s also not economical for an installer to drive for hours across cities. This leaves some Canadians, living in rural areas, without a solution when it comes to security, if not for a DIY home security system.

DIY security systems are perfect for people living in rural areas or people who have cottages in areas that are hard to reach. A security system like ours could alert you of power cuts, fires and much more no matter where you are at that moment.

DIY security systems are also good for people who can’t afford to take a day off work to let an installer in for two hours. Get our security system shipped right to your door and install it whenever you can…weekends or in the middle of the night, you can make your own decisions from the get-go.

How long will it take to receive my DIY Protection system?


Our professional alarm technicians will program your system as soon as you complete your order. Since we take your protection seriously, we only ship priority directly to your home, so your system will be at your door as soon as the next business day. The best part is that shipping is FREE OF CHARGE!

Does your system come with a lawn sign?

Every one of our systems ships with a lawn sign and window decals, which let the bad guys know you have a top of the line alarm system and that they need to stay out!

Can you offer full featured systems?

Our system is so advanced, you can receive virtually any feature or service that an installer would provide, from home security to automation.

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Do you have camera options?

Absolutely, we have the best-in-class cameras with motion trigger, night vision and 1080p HD recordings that save securely in the cloud and only you can access them.

Is it pet friendly?

Yes, pets below 40 pounds are virtually undetectable, so your pets can roam free while the system is active and will only trigger when there’s an actual human breaking in.

And with available indoor camera packages, you can keep an eye on your loved ones through your phone from anywhere in the world.

Can I get a discount on home insurance for having a DIY security system?

Yes, our systems are like any other! You can get up to 20% off (depending on your insurance company) on your premiums. Once the system is activated, we give you a home security certificate that you can show your insurance provider for a discount!

Is there still a monthly monitoring fee associated with the system?


Our DIY home security systems should not be mistaken for “self-monitored” security systems. Only the installation part is done by you, your safety is still in the hands of our professionals who are available 24/7 in 5 CAA Certified monitoring stations located across Canada.

We have many different monitoring packages that can suit your needs. It would be best to get in touch with one of our security experts to get a free, no obligation quote on our security packages - call 1-844-898-8349 today to get started!