Is Your Luxury Car Making Your Home a Target for Criminals?

Many people own luxury vehicles, but your luxury car could be making your home a target. When criminals see you in an expensive vehicle, they might assume that you have money and other valuable items. This will make them not only want to break into or steal your car but also to burglarize your home.

Below, we will discuss some reasons you could be a target and how to protect your home and car.

Am I a Target?

Criminals prefer an easy target because it reduces their chances of getting caught. A car without any protection, such as a security system, tracking system, or steering wheel lock, makes for an ideal target. The same can be said of your home if it does not have a modern monitored security system to deter thieves and alert you or the authorities to a break in.

A quality home-security system should have surveillance cameras to record an intrusion if one were to occur. The total related costs of automobile thefts in Canada is nearly $1 billion, and a car is stolen about once every seven minutes. Annually, there are almost 1.3 million breaking-and-entering and property-related crimes in Canada.

Common-Sense Strategies


Many people use their garage for storage instead of parking, but it is a good idea to park your vehicle in your garage, especially if you own a luxury one. Your garage opener should have modern technology that prevents thieves from easily compromising it. Whether you park in a garage or not, your car should have a security system. Don't assume that because your vehicle is in the garage that you can leave it unlocked or with valuables inside.

Keep Windows and Blinds Closed

Most people like to open their windows to let in fresh air, but you could also be letting in criminals. It can be easy to forget that you have multiple windows open and fall asleep or leave the house for work or to run an errand. It’s especially important to remember to close any open windows if you have a large home. Some thieves will enter your home whether you are at home or not. Remember, criminals look for easy targets.

Be Savvy About Social Media

You should never broadcast your vacations or work-related trips away from home on social media. Also, you shouldn’t detail your daily movements or habits on these sites because criminals can use this information to find out when you are not home. Also, don't show any pictures of valuables or the layout of your home.

In closing, your home or car could be a target if you are not taking the proper security measures. It is essential to install a security system to deter criminals.

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