[NEWS] Police Dispatch for Home Alarms in Toronto

The Toronto police service, the largest municipal police for in Canada, has recently announced they are modernizing their police services, and looking at creating a better, safer city. One of their recent announcements was changing their dispatch procedure for home security systems. 


Many people have been concerned over this announcement, but the truth is that there is a lot of positives to come from these changes. Let’s break down what this means for home alarm system owners in Canada’s largest city:

Increased Dispatch Efficiency

One of the key stats noted by the Toronto police services is that in 97% of cases, a false alarm causes a dispatch to a home, which is a drain on police resources. The truth is, a lot of the false alarms are caused by older alarm systems and monitoring companies that are not experienced in handling dispatch procedures. Think about it: when you have you ever known a cable company to have a quick response time to anything? Using a system from an experienced security company will reduce false alarms. This means that people with older or inferior systems will get no dispatch, and people with modern systems with five diamond monitoring will have better, verified responses and dispatches. Less dispatching for false alarms improves dispatch time for everyone.

Lots of Verification

The biggest question regarding verification is understanding what verification really means in the new dispatch procedures. The simple breakdown is as follow:

Witness verification – The hardest verification, as it requires a homeowner or neighbour to see the actual break in happening. The reason this is difficult is because of the way that break ins actually happen. Most break ins happen during the day, when people are at work or school, and criminals wait for a home to be empty to strike. Most criminals are also never reported by neighbours, because people often ignore criminal activity due to the bystander effect.

Multiple zones – This means that your alarm has sounded with more than one piece of equipment in your home. Having a security system with multiple door contacts and a motion sensor helps ensure multiple zones will trip.

Video verification – Verification via home security camera is one of the best ways to find a burglar after a break in, and it’s also one of the essential ways to dispatch police in Toronto when a home alarm system goes off. Verification that someone is on your property will get Toronto police to your door.

Voice verification – Verification via voice sounds tricky, but with an advanced home alarm system, will actually be the easiest way to dispatch police to your home. Dispatch will happen if you have a two way voice verification in your home, which is why  you need to always look for a home security system with a built-in speaker and microphone. If signs of a break in or a struggle are heard, it will be considered a verified response and expedite police dispatch. Having a five diamond central station will also ensure that there is a qualified person responding to the alarm.

The new police dispatch procedures for home security systems in Toronto will help ensure a safer city with better response times. If you are looking at getting an advanced home security system with two way voice and a camera to help ensure you always get quality dispatch, call a security expert DIY Protection at 844 898 8349 today!