Spring Safety Tips in Canada

While it's still snowing all across Canada right now, spring is quickly approaching. It's an amazing time of year where the flowers bloom, the birds chirp and, most importantly, a time when every Canadian needs to think about their safety needs. What could possibly go wrong during most people’s favourite season?

Beware the rising waters

With the massive amounts of snowfall most of Canada experienced over the winter, it’s not surprising that people are waiting for the snow to melt and for their gardens to bloom. The main issue is that rapidly melting snow can lead to major problems. The first issue is that the rising waters can cause flooding in certain areas, and lead to many ruined basements. If you have a basement, the best protection you have against this is a sump pump. But those can become backed up, and cause issues. That is why you need to also ensure you have a flood sensor in your basement, which is something that will notify you if the water levels in your basement rise and your basement starts to flood. Doing so can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. And being prepared can also save you monthly in your home insurance.

The other major issue with the melting of the snow is that it leads to rising waters in streams and rivers. This means that there can be a higher risk of drowning for you or your little ones. It’s important during the spring to not allow your children near areas that can sweep them away. It’s also important to consider swimming lessons this spring if you or your children are not strong swimmers, as swimming can be a life saving skill!

Keep The Tires On and the Car Prepared

Most people start booking appointments to take the winter tires off of their cars by the end of February or early March, but this is a huge mistake! It’s essential to keep your winter tires on your car until the spring has truly begun and there is no more snowfall. Snow tires are also effective even when there is no snow, as road conditions can be slick even a couple of degrees above zero Celsius. Some people also take their winter car kits (including things like blankets and water) out of their cars in the early spring, but this is also a mistake. You need to keep a kit in your car year round, just in case an emergency strikes.

Keep Your Home Protected

Spring is the start of move season, which means that millions of Canadians will be moving to new cities, new homes or new neighbourhoods. No matter where you live in the country, it’s important that you protect your home and your family with a home security system. When moving into a new home, it’s frequently a target from criminals, as they know that there is often extended periods of time when the home is left empty as valuables are moved in. They also know that security systems often are not hooked up for weeks or months after a move in date, which is why it’s essential to prepare for the move by having a home security system ready for as close to the move in date as possible. When looking into the security system, ensure that it includes full monitoring. A monitored home alarm system is the only way to ensure that your home is being protected twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. A home security system is not a luxury; it’s a must when you move into a new home. But there are some amazing, luxury features you can add to the system at a low price.

Spring in Canada is an amazing time of year. Keep yourself and your family safe!