How You Can Stay Safe with DIY Home Security Systems in Ottawa


Security systems in Ottawa single-family houses are as reliable as their weakest link. If you have foreseen equipment that is too complicated for household members, they would not have used it and it would not do any work. Remember that people in your home are an integral part of all security measures, which foresee, so you have to be realistic about how easily they accepted them in the name of your safety.

Make sure that your property looks habitable.

  • Most thieves are opportunistic. They come in the neighborhood looking for houses that look unsafe and uninhabitable. An important part of providing security for your home, is it seems inhabited all the time.
  • The main indicator for the lack of inhabitants in the house is crowded mailbox.
  • Never let it overflow newspapers and brochures.
  • Another sign of the presence of people at home is the inclusion of artificial lighting. It is not necessary, however, just leave a lamp to shine. It is desirable that it be changed, just as if there are people in the house. The easiest way to achieve this is by using timers.
  • Another method by which your home would look occupied, is leaving the television or radio to work with so loud as to be heard by someone who approached door or windows.
  • Car parking in the garage or in front of the driveway would also discourage miscreants. If you went on vacation with your vehicle, you can ask a neighbor to park one of their cars in front of your home.

Consider putting Home alarm system.

Home Alarm systems in Ottawa can offer as little physical barriers to your home, but a very big psychological one for thieves. Even in areas with little security firm patrols the noise rise from the alarm may deter looters to complete their mission. The price of the alarm system varies widely. Thieves can easily disable some of the simple and inexpensive sensors. The more complex and unfamiliar set of devices, the more likely the thief trigger system and to abandon attempts to exclude.

Install locks with special bolts breaking, CCTV Security system or videophones and peepholes on the doors.

These solid lock locks the door at checkout. It is advisable to install it at the front door of any Ottawa house. They are of two types - those that require a key from inside and outside and those that do not require the inside of the switch. If you close the front door no glass, the second option is always more convenient for residents of the house. Sliding glass doors are particularly challenging. Most of them are vulnerable and can be broken. The simplest way to improve security is to place a metal rod or a broom handle on the track on the floor inside. Some sliding doors can be easily removed from their rails. At the bottom and top of the door has a screw by means of which is adjustable fit and in track. Set them so that it cannot be raised so high that the lower end and to go safely. Each door must be equipped with a spy. This is the cheapest and easiest way to check a visitor before you make a home. In the same way intercom will allow you to make contact with the caller and decide whether to prevent and disable alarm. The most advance CCTV Security system is one of the most recommended option. Providing 24/7 reliable surveillance over your property.