The Tavares Family, Secured!

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The holiday season is all about being with loved ones and creating amazing memories that will last a lifetime. While being together is one of the great joys of the holidays, the sad fact is that sometimes bad things happen to good people, and the holidays are no exception. The holiday season often leads to an increase in crime, which can include break ins and home invasions. That frightening reality hit the Tavares family of Brampton, Ontario hard this year. 

Jawn and Karina Tavares with Glen from DIY Protection

Jawn and Karina Tavares with Glen from DIY Protection

On Tuesday, December 5, intruders broke into the Tavares home and terrorized the family. The burglars, looking for money or valuables, proceeded to assault the family. Jawn Tavares, who suffers from ALS, was viciously attacked and was lucky to survive. Karina Tavares and her son were both struck in the head with devastating objects. This should not happen to any family, regardless of the time of year. When word got out that the family needed help, we knew we had to step in.

After contacting the Tavares family, we found out that the family had gone through some difficult times, and that the attack had exacerbated those difficulties. They turned to gofundme to help them get back on track and save their holiday season. They also knew that they needed a high quality home security system to keep the family safe from any future invasions. DIY Protection has provided the family complete peace of mind with a full featured security system with amazing features that will help keep them safe over the holidays. We’ve also provided them with free monitoring for one year so that they will be watched over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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