The Smartest Home on the Block


There is a lot of buzz about smart homes, automation and keeping yourself connected. It can frankly be overwhelming when you look at all of the jargon and technical speak with all of it, but DIY Protection focuses on how we can improve your home security and your life, so we like to keep things really clear and simple. Here is a guide to help you understand what is being offered. Here are some terms and what they really mean for you and your family: The Internet of Things

What it means: The term Internet of Things is often talked about on technology shows and in blogs, but what does the term actually mean? Internet of Things is a fancy buzzword, but it really just means devices connected to the internet. And the devices connected to the internet are certainly plentiful. In fact, it's estimated that there will be over 30 billion Internet of Things devices by the end of 2020. Odds are you have several connected devices in your home already, or maybe even on your person.

How does it affect your home? Internet of Things devices are probably already part of your home. Your laptop, tablet and smartphone are probably all connected in some way to the internet and each other. If you are looking for connected smart home devices, most people look at amazing new technology, such as doorbell cameras. These cameras connect to your home's wifi, and can send a notification to your smartphone. This will allow you to see and speak with whoever is at the front door of your home.

Touchscreen Panel

What it means: There are two important parts of Touchscreen panel that have to be looked at. First, a touchscreen device is one which allows you to physically put your finger on a screen to interact with it. A panel is a term you often hear associated with a home security system, and it basically acts as the brains of a home alarm. A touchscreen panel, therefore, is a device that you can fully interact with and links all of the devices on your home alarm system together.

How does it affect your home? New touchscreen panels are amazing pieces of technology which allow you to do numerous things only dreamed of from older alarm systems. A touchscreen panel will allow you to arm and disarm your security system or send a panic signal like a traditional alarm panel, but it also gives you the ability to easily access all of your devices. If you want to bypass a specific sensor, for example, you can do it directly from the touchscreen and see it happen in real time. New panels even give the option of taking the picture of whoever is arming or disarming the alarm system, checking connected devices and sending out wireless signals to a monitoring station in case of a break in.


Smart Locks/Smart Thermostats

What it means: Locks and thermostats have been part of homes for a lot longer than the internet has been, so what exactly makes these new devices smart?  The main key is that the devices are electronic and interconnected with other devices. For example, you likely have a connected smartphone (and statistically speaking, over 76% of Canadians now do), which means that you are already part of the smart revolution!

How does it affect your home? Having a lock become an electronic device is not new for commercial purposes, but having an electronic lock in a home is something that was not really thought about until relatively recently. But a smart lock has become both a home security device and a huge convenience for homeowners. Ever have a family member locked out of the house? A smart lock allows you to remotely unlock the door for them to get in safely. Want to save on your electricity bills? A smart thermostat will allow you to control your home's temperature when you are away from home and don't need it as warm.

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