Using the App with your DIY Protection Alarm System


Technology is growing at an amazing rate, and one of the main pushes for new tech is the smartphone revolution. Although smartphones have existed for around a decade, it's estimated that over three quarters of Canadians now have a smartphone device. That has made the smartphone part of people's daily lives and routines, and has become ubiquitous with an entire generation in Canada. The increased market penetration of smartphone devices has also led to a major increase in the number and types of apps we use in our daily lives. It has never been easier to communicate, to bank, and to interact with devices all around us. Part of the increased interactivity is the advent of the smart home, which means that amazing automation devices can be added to any traditional home to bring a whole new level of interactivity and security. Here is how the DIY Protection app can help you create the type of smart home that would have seemed like science fiction only a decade ago. Use Your App to Secure Your Home

When installing a DIY Protection system, the most important factor for most people is home security. With a DIY Protection home alarm system, we give you the ability to control absolutely everything with multiple devices. If you're more of a traditionalist, every DIY Protection home security system comes with a keypad which allows you to arm and disarm the system while inside of the home. This means that you have complete control over your security as you would expect from a professional home alarm system. Every DIY Protection system also comes with a key fob, which will allow you to arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the home, and even lets you send a panic signal. It works the same way that a car's key fob does, and gives you even more control. The most amazing way to control your DIY home alarm system, however, is through the use of your smartphone. Have an iPhone that you take with you everywhere? You can arm and disarm the system directly from your app. Have an Android that is permanently attached to your thumbs? You can see which sensors in your home are currently active, and even see if a door has been opened. You can also set up notifications sent right to your phone if your system is ever armed or disarmed. The best part is that the DIY Protection app comes with every single DIY Protection home security system.

Use your app to heat  or cool your home

Many people are concerned with their utility bills every month, and with good reason. The cost of heating and cooling your home in Canada has increased in recent years. That is why it makes sense to try and cut heating and cooling costs wherever possible, which is perfect for DIY Protection smart home systems. DIY Protection home alarm systems can easily add smart devices which allow you to raise and lower the temperature in your home remotely. Imagine going away from home and realizing you left your heat maxed out while you are gone. With a DIY Protection home security system, you can first arm your home security system remotely right from your smart phone. Then you can lower your temperature from the app, which allows you to save money on your home's heating while you are away. Perhaps the best part is that you can raise the temperature right before you get home, so you won't get a chilly reception when going through your front door.

Use your app to unlock your front door

Vacation is over and you have your house heating up. That sounds amazing! But wait, what happened to your house key? Did you use it to open a cerveza on a beach and drop it there? With a DIY Protection home automation package, you will have the ability to unlock your front door right from your mobile app. This eliminates the need to keep a spare key under your front mat where anyone can find it. Your home will be secure, warm and unlocked for you right when you get to the door. And all of this is done right through your DIY Protection app, which comes with every DIY Protection home security system.

Get the app, get automated!

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