Valentine's Day Security

Valentine’s Day Security in Canada

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated by millions of Canadians celebrating love and togetherness. Children in classrooms across the country will share cards advising their peers that they choo choo choose them or that they want to bee friends. Adults will fill restaurants from coast to coast eating delicious meals and sharing overly rich desserts. And people will also have to face the reality that Valentine’s Day can have a really unfortunate side: security risks are high and defences can be low. But don’t worry, there are things you can do to make this Valentine’s the safest, happiest yet!

Stay Safe on the Roads

People often pair their Valentine’s Day dinners with expensive wine at the fancy restaurant they take their love interests to. Wine goes incredibly well with a meal, but it’s a lethal proposition when paired with driving. There are many rules people try to follow when calculating how much they can drink and still get on the road, but the one rule to follow that trumps all others is that if you drink anything, do not drive. There are many cabs, ride sharing services and public transportation methods available for use on Valentine’s Day, and all of them will be ready to pick you up and drop you off at home quickly and safely. And if you really want to enjoy a lot of wine and impress the one you love, make dinner at home and enjoy the wine in front of the fire.

Keep Your Home Secure

If you are out at a fancy restaurant enjoying yourself, who is watching over your home? Did you leave the kids home alone? Don’t have kids? Did you leave your home empty with nobody inside? Despite being a holiday based around love, there are a lot of intruders lurking around Valentine’s to try and catch people who are away from their homes in order to break in. These people are the Valentine’s version of the grinch, and do not value how much planning you put in to love day. If you are going to be away from home on Valentine’s Day, ensure that you have your home security system fully armed. Having a home security system also acts as an amazing deterrent. Just by having a home alarm system, bad people are far less likely to break into your home. And if they do break in, don’t worry, because police will dispatch to your home right away. Don’t have a home security system (or a camera as part of that system) then you need to get one right away! Call us at 844 898 8349 for a full consultation.

Keep Your Plans Off Social Media

One sure fire way to have your home targeted when you are out is to post elaborate plans on social media. Everybody wants to share what an amazing time they had while they are out and about. And smartphones really help make life better in a lot of ways. But using your phone to post social media updates while you’re still out on the town is always a bad decision. Your phone should be used to make sure that your home is safe, not to advertise to the world that your home is empty! Keep your social life to yourself until you are home, and when you get home, make sure that you post the picture of your loved one looking their best. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love, laughter and unseasonable warmth.

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