What are the benefits of a DIY home alarm system?


Install at your own convenience When most people think about home alarm systems, thoughts of a technician armed with a toolbelt going to their home often ring through their heads. Professional alarm technicians can provide great services, but the installation is always completed on their schedule. With a DIY Protection system, you can set the install date and time and you are fully in control of the schedule.

Install anywhere in Canada

Odds are that if you live in a major city, such as Toronto, that you will have several security options to choose from. The more remote your area, however, the fewer options you will have. DIY Protection prides itself on protecting families across Canada, and we’re determined to be able to have a state of the art alarm system protecting your home within a week. We provide full service coast to coast, and since we expedite our shipping on all orders (at no additional charge!) you know that we’ll be able to have you protected in no time, whether you live in St. John’s or Victoria.

State of the art technology, unbeatable value

Every DIY Protection system features the absolute best in technology to keep you and your family protected. This includes sensors from the top manufacturers, the latest in home automation technology and the best value in the market. All our systems come with a full warranty and top of the line alarm monitoring, which means you know your investment is as protected as your home. We also include an incredible app, which allows you to arm and disarm your system from anywhere in the world, with every system we ship.

Fully programmed, easy to install

You can install the highest quality home alarm system available anywhere in Canada at your own convenience. But you are not the most technical person, and you’re concerned over programming an alarm. No need to worry, because we have you fully covered! Every DIY Protection system is fully programmed by a professional alarm technician before they are shipped to you. Once you receive your package, a professional technician will also talk you through every step of the install. We make it so easy that you’ll want to install this system for every one of your friends as well!

Call 1 (844) 898-8DIY (8349) today and one of our security experts will help you find the perfect system!