Where to Buy the Best DIY Home Alarm System


Have you ever wondered why most home alarm companies only set up in home consultations when you contact them for some information on an alarm system?  The reason is simple: They want to hard sell you on loads of additional equipment that you may not need!  In reality, the consultants that most home security companies send to meet you in your home are shrewd salespeople.  They want to pad you with excessive amounts of equipment as well as pad their fat commission payouts.  The fact is that alarm technology has become so advanced that a security review can be done quickly over the telephone and it can be installed by just about anyone.  Here is what you need to consider when you are looking to protect your home with a new home alarm system: 1) You need great monitoring. There are some alarm companies who will try to sell you a basic home alarm system without any monitoring.  These can either be DIY home alarm systems or alarm technician installed alarm systems that will only have a siren go off when triggered. These systems are all inherently flawed, as they hope that a siren will alert your neighbours, and that your neighbours will call the police on your behalf.  This is assuming that people immediately around your house will be home all of the time.  The fact is that they won't.  This is also assuming that they will hear your alarm system, which is not guaranteed.  Some companies will try to sell you outdoor sirens because of this, but in most jurisdictions outdoor sirens are not legal in residential areas.  And if your neighbour is home and can hear your home security system going off, is there a guarantee they will call the police for you?  Think about it, the last time one of your neighbours had their car alarm go off, did you call the police?

Having a fully monitored home alarm system means that you will always have professionally trained experts watching your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No more relying on nosy neighbours having to be home all day.  DIY Protection is so passionate about protecting your home and family, that we only use top of the line monitoring to keep you safe.

2) You need great technology. Home alarm systems have evolved over the past several decades, but many home alarm companies are stuck in the past.  They will use home security cameras, for example, which do not have the ability to upload images to a cloud.  This means that all data is kept in your home, and can be stolen from bad guys.  Some will also only use hardwired home security systems, which is very old technology.  Think about it, do you still have a hardwired telephone line in your home?  If you do, it definitely won't have the same level of technology that mobile phones have.  DIY Protection only offers the highest quality fully wireless home alarm systems.  Every DIY Protection home alarm system has the ability to fully control your home security system through your smart phone.  You can also add amazing features to your home alarm system, including full home automation.  This will allow you to do great things like arm and disarm from anywhere in the world, and even control the temperature of your home while you are out. And if you want to add a security camera to your system, you can access streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can even watch recorded camera footage right from your smart phone!

3) You need protection no matter where you live If you have a home, you need a home security system.  There are many advantages to having a home alarm.  You will have 24/7 coverage.  You will have peace of mind.  You should even get a great insurance discount.  But the most overlooked factor is that there is a significantly reduced chance of a break-in when you have a home alarm system.  Think about it, if you're looking to break into a home, would you want to take the risk of entering a home with security system?  Burglars are much more likely to attack a home with no protection, since they do not want to get caught.

Call DIY Protection Today at 844 898 8349 and we'll help get you a system that is perfect for you.  One of our security experts will help customize a system to suit your exact needs.  And if you call us and order by April 15, you will get 6 months of monitoring for free!