DIY Home Security Systems in Ottawa

Security systems in Ottawa single-family houses are as reliable as their weakest link.

If you have equipment that is too complicated for household members, they will not use it, which means it will not keep you as safe as it should. Remember that people in your home are an integral part of all security measures, so you have to be make sure they are on board with your security solution and are fully trained on how to use your security system to keep your family safe.

Make sure that your property looks inhabited.

  • Most thieves are opportunistic. They come in the neighborhood looking for houses that look unsecured and uninhabited. An important part of providing security for your home is it seems inhabited all the time.
  • One of the main indicators for the lack of inhabitants in the house is a crowded mailbox. Make sure that you have someone check your mail daily!
  • Never let a mailbox or porch overflow with newspapers and brochures.
  • Another sign of the presence of people at home is interior lighting. It is not necessary, however, to leave a lamp on all day. The easiest way to achieve the illusion of being home when you're not their is to set certain lights on timers. This can be accomplished through traditional timers or through home automation devices.
  • Another method by which you can make your home look occupied is leaving the television or radio on at a high volume, so as to be loud enough  to be heard by someone who approaches doors or windows.
  • Parking a car in the garage or in front of the driveway will also discourage miscreants. If you go on vacation with your vehicle, you can ask a neighbor to park one of their cars in front of your home to keep up with the appearance of somebody being in the house.

Consider installing a home alarm system.

Home Alarm systems in Ottawa can act as a small physical barrier to your home, but a very big psychological one for thieves. Having a loud siren go off as the thief enters the home will get them out of your home more quickly, and will alert everyone to a problem in the home. The key to a great alarm system is the quality of the equipment. You want to use great equipment that will keep the bad guys out and can't be disabled. This means looking for a system that will run through a cellular network and not through an internet connection.

Install locks with strong bolts, CCTV Security system or video doorbells and peepholes on the doors.

Solid door locks are the cornerstone of home security. Many new locks allow you to lock the door remotely, adding another layer of protection in case you forget to lock the door when you leave the house. All homes in Ottawa need a reliable lock to keep them safe, whether or not they are part of a home automation system. With an automated lock, however, residents of your home are more likely to be engaged with the security of the home. Sliding glass doors are particularly challenging. Most of them are vulnerable and can be broken. The simplest way to improve security is to place a metal rod or a broom handle on the track on the floor inside. Some sliding doors can be easily removed from their rails. The bottom and top of the door has a screw which is adjustable to keep bad guys from getting in. Set them so that it cannot be raised so high that the lower end. Each door must be equipped with a peep hole. This is the most cost effective and easiest way to check a visitor before you allow them into your home.  A video doorbell will allow you to make contact with the visitor and have a full conversation with them from anywhere in the world right from your smart phone. It's amazing technology, and can keep intruders out of the home preventing a break in! CCTV Security systems are also a great option for some homes, since it is providing 24/7 reliable surveillance over your property.

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