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Legend has it that the city got its name in honor of John Cabot, who became the first European to sail into the harbor, the feast day of St. John the Baptist. However, the exact place of convergence of Cabot on the ground debatable. St. John’s has become an attractive place settling a variety of inhabitants. Recent year’s crime statistics have spotted dramatic increase of criminal activity.

Crime in the city actually isn't isolated in any one low-income neighborhood like most people like to assume. Crime can happen anywhere, any time.

Recently home security systems in St. John’s have become a must. Most family houses consider a home alarm system as the best, and most affordable option. Whether you have a new or older home, a wireless home alarm system is your best bet to keep you and your family safe.

For wireless alarms:

  • Full remote access to your alarm system via a powerful mobile app
  • These systems are totally wireless, except for the power adapter to the keypad
  • The wireless GSM alarms are an ideal solution for a home alarm system
  • They are fully connected to a central alarm system, so any intrusion will result in the start of the dispatch procedure
  • The response time is very important factor for the capture of the thieves


No wiring means you don't have the expensive of hiring a technician to run wires through your walls

Wiring is expensive and very conspicuous, so you need to hide the wiring, whereas wireless systems provide a clean, quick install

Another advantage is the ability to quickly and easily add additional wireless or wired PIR sensors and magnetic sensors.

In terms of installation, Wireless alarms are very easy and convenient for installation. The time for installation is a fraction of the install time of a hardwired system. Another plus is the ability to install them yourself.

The cost for the installation of a wireless system will always be lower compared to that of wired alarms. Wireless alarm systems are much more mobile and independent with respect to the placement of the individual components.


The only real disadvantage of a wireless alarm system is the use of batteries on sensors. The good news is that the batteries should last you five years, which means you will not have to worry about replacing them frequently.

Security Cameras

When it comes to securing the perimeter of your home, security cameras are the perfect solution.  You have many options for indoor or outdoor cameras, including  doorbell cameras and cameras located on the inside of the home to ensure nobody is there that you don't want there. Other advantages are:

  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Easy to install and very cost effective
  • Do not require vast team to monitor

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