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Here are some testimonials from DIY Protection Customers

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“I looked everywhere for a technician to install a security system at my cottage and literally nobody would go there because it was too far north. I really wanted security and a smoke detector since I am not there half of the year. DIY Protection was the only company that would help me get a monitored system. I got the package, did the install and finally have my cottage protected in time for winter.”

- Ryan B.

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“The app has been great so far. I like the notifications that pop up when something happens with the system. It even sent me a text when my power went out and came back on, which is handy to know.”

- Thomas T.

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Feature 3

“I got two systems; one for my house, one for my mom’s. My mom hated the idea of installing the system herself, but the guy on the phone who helped me set up my alarm actually gave me his direct number so he could talk me through it at her house. He even took extra time to explain to her how to use everything and now she’s a pro!”

- Gordon T.